Lesson Plan: No.2       Teacher’s Name: M. Jamshidi       Grade Level:  second       Date: ۹۰/ ۷/ ۸

Lesson Title: Patterns A and B of Lesson one                    School  name: Shahed      Time: 40'   

                           Estimated  Time




 and  Content

Specific Topic:                             Patterns:  A and B , ( Colours ) 

Content: (Subject matter/ Key vocabulary):  

1.  New words:   ( blue,  yellow ,  brown,  green,  white,  black,  comb,  taxi,  shoe,….)          

 2. Grammatical points :     1. Use colours  before  nouns  and  after " to be".  

                                              2. We cannot write  colours  in  plural  form.


Before Teaching Actions

( Preview )


Objectives, Aids, Class model , and   Procedures



General  Objective: ( Aims/Outcomes):                        The students are expected :

1.To comprehend and read  these Patterns with correct pronunciation  and meaning.             2.To learn grammatical points in this part.    3.To use colours in real situation or daily life. 

Behavioral Objective( Performance/ Behavioral Indicators):

 At the end of this lesson The students should be able to: 

1. The students  can  produce some sentences with colors.   2. They can make questions with What colour.    3.They can  answer  the exercises of this lesson.  4.They can  read patterns with correct pronunciation.   5. They  can understand the meaning of the sentences.


Teaching Aids:(Aids/AV/Technology): Electronic Aids: ( Data  Projector,  cd,  computer and  other  Audio – Visual Aids …), Pictures,  colour papers,  flash card , Charts, whiteboard,…

Classroom layout and grouping of students: The students are sitting on their benches. They are sitting opposite the Whiteboard . The teacher divides the class in a few groups. Every student should  Participate and consult with his group.


Teaching Methods: Eclectic method:( Electronic method ,Grouping of the students, Audio- Lingual )


Presentation  of  new lesson

( View )




Guided ,  Monitored Activity

and  Student Participation


Motivation and Relation Ship,( Warm up):  Reading Quran at the beginning of the class. The teacher Greets the students. He calls the role. He speaks reassuring.                                               




Diagnostic Evaluation:  The teacher Controls  their  homework. He asks some questions of previous lesson:   e.g. :   Ali, Have you a pen?  What colour is it? He wants the students to play the role of dialogue.(a few students)




Teacher – Student Actions:  The books are closed.  At first, The teacher teaches new words in three steps (discrimination, Habit formation, Production). He uses the Educational Aids. He uses sentences to teach the new words. Then he explains the aim  of Patterns with Aids or gestures. He teaches Patterns  by playing the role. He performs three steps to teach it. (discrimination, Habit formation, Production). Then, he says to open their books. He reads it at normal speed with correct pronunciation, stress and intonation. He lets some Volunteer students to read it. Every group repeat the patterns .The teacher  uses  computer , Data projector and another aids for teaching. Both teacher and students are active.         






Creative actions of the students: (Products or Feedback):   At first, the teacher lets a few students to read patterns individually. They should repeat the patterns in groups, too.  The students can use the new words and Expressions in some similar situations. They answer the teacher’s questions. e.g. : Has Reza a green shirt? What colour are your shirt? Have you white shoes? ,..                                                 




Complementary Evaluation  

 (  Review )


Supplemental  Activities :

Extensions and remediation


Evaluation and Conclusion: ( Measures of Progress): 

The teacher asks some questions about patterns.( orally)  or, He may distribute some Written questions of patterns between the groups.( A quiz ).  e.g. :  1. Read and colour.  

2.What colour are your shoes?    3.Have you a black comb?

4. An egg   is …..…  ( black                  White                    red                       green          )

5. An apple   is …..   ( black                 brown                    white                      yellow                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     )




Teacher Reflections: (To be completed after lesson):   

After taking a short Exam or ask some questions The teacher should Control and correct their mistakes  e.g. :  pronunciations, meaning, Grammar or other mistakes. for Example: A student says, ”I have a pen red". The teacher should correct and say, "You have  a  red pen".

" Use colours before nouns "



Assignments:                 The teacher determines some homework for next session.  e.g. :  

1.The students should memorize the patterns.  2.They should write  eight sentences  about colours and draw their pictures, then make question with what colour.  etc,….                                                                                



Compiled by: Mohammad  Jamshidi

Azna Town ship ( lorestan )


































تاريخ : یکشنبه سوم مهر ۱۳۹۰ | ۹:۵۳ قبل از ظهر | نویسنده : محمد جمشیدی |